About Us

Modified Concrete Suppliers, LLC is an on-site material producer of Latex Modified Concrete, a high-performance overlay. LMC has been predominately used since 1960 to repair reinforced concrete bridge decks throughout the United States.

Since 1975, Modified Concrete Suppliers, LLC has supplied Latex Modified Concrete in the United States. We operate a fleet of mobile mixers from two bases, one in Indianapolis, IN and one in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our mission has always been to supply a quality product and quality service to our customers. Latex modified concrete has stood the test of time if properly installed.

Latex Modified Concrete Overlay

Modified Concrete has supplied hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of Latex Modified Concrete in over 20 states since 1975. Our employees are experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable. ACI 548.4.93 serves as an excellent guide and is the basis of most State specifications.